I love these two cats more than anything. The long-haired fluff-ball is Sandra. She’s been with the family for almost 11 years, we got her a year before my little brother. She’s a bit grumpy at times, loves to sleep, hates to go outside, pees and poops in thecellar. Ah, trouble and old grandma cat. But still lovely.

The other guy is Charlie. I had the chance to take care of the stray for a year until he got placed with his other owner- This cat was my whole world. He was scared, but curious. He loooooves to play with sticks and he loved playing fetch. The best thing he knew was when I did laundry and I was sorting clothes, and he could just rush into them and make a mess! The second best thing was playing hide and seek. This little guy sadly ain’t no longer mine, I still love him though. I hope he gets the love and play he truly deserve.. after all.. I put a lot of effort gaining his trust.


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