Staying Grateful

I’m terribly busy nowadays. So busy that most things I love to do, like drawing, blogging and playing games, gets delayed. 😔 but that’s alright, a bit of stress in everyday life is healthy! Atleast that’s what I would like to believe. 😂
However, I’ve been taking Deutsch-learning-courses since Monday last week! I was very nervous to be in a new surrounding, I’ve always had problems with socializing 🙈, but there’s a lot of kind and nice people at the course, luckily! I personally believe this course is more intensive than the intensive course I took this summer.. Or maybe it’s only because we’ve already learned so much in just one week.. ,,Es ist sehr stressig!”

Although the increase of homework and work, last week I got the chance to finish one digital Art; Muna. I realized a while ago that I forgot to upload Muna to my blog, so here she is. The more you look the more you can tell that she’s not an ordinary drawing!

I’ll end this blog with I wish; I wish I had more time to do nothing, I wish to have days to be lazy, I wish I had more time playing games on my Baby (PC), I wish I could continue learning how to draw..

However, I’m grateful; Grateful I have a chance to learn, grateful that I have a great job, grateful that I have an amazing appartment, grateful for having a loving family, grateful for being in love with the most amazing-minded person I’ve ever known, grateful that all of my wishes are all granted for me in a near future because of all the things I’m grateful for!

Life is Amazing; stay Grateful.

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