Today we came back from Prague and it was wonderful to experience the artistry of Prague! It was so truly inspiring so the first thing I decided to do when I was back is to train my digital art abilities and therefore Anna became.

Below is Anna, my recent digital Art. I’ve decided it’s more personal to bring my arts to life if I gave my characters a name even if it’s not a drawing of an actual breathing person!

Fun fact, my little 4 year old cousin is nicknamed Anna, her full name is Anastasia – which I personally think is an incredibly beautiful name!

Tomorrow I start a semesters study of Deutsch, which I’m honestly terrified for. I feel unprepared and funnily I feel scared of the people I’ll meet. I just am a bit .. uh.. people-phobic? haha.

Well, I do hope you enjoy this beauty I made and finished today. And I hope I don’t panic tomorrow.. and -for the sake of my weirdness- I just have to share that I just saved a fly from dying in my tea cup. I actually feel happy that, although there were struggle, it can fly again! Little fly, can live longer now!

Anyway, I hope you have a great evening, see you!


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