Illustration: Crazy Catlady

Any crazy cat ladies out there? If so, does my illustration define your crazy cat obsession?

I went a bit crazy with this one, but she turned out so pretty!! The funny thing is, I actually got inspired to draw her when I saw a picture of a Snow Bengal Cat! Crazy, but they’re SO beautiful!!! I just had to express the beauty of something so glistening! Check below to see the beauty and how I made her!

Talking about cats, we’ve arranged someone to fix a fence to our mini garden so we can finally have cats in the apartment! Whenever my love is on training sessions I get so terribly lonely – a cat will surely make me feel more at home when my fiancé isn’t here.

And talking about my fiancé, he’s having an international kick-boxing competition in just two days! Which means, I’m going to Prague tomorrow, which is super exciting! I can’t wait to visit a whole new country. I actually never thought I would travel anywhere but in Sweden, but things changes… now I just have to pick up the geography book because I kind of put it in the trash-can once I thought I will probably never leave Sweden. I can’t be more happy I was wrong!

To end this post, I have some great announcement! Today I finally finished the papers of legally living in Austria! Now I can spend years here with my fiancé and fall in love with a beautiful city like Vienna. ♥



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