To stay an Optimist is quite a lot of Work, do you agree?

This week has gone so fast and my mind is everywhere! I feel bad for not writing more, I thought that after vacation I’ll have a lot of time to do anything and nothing- to be a chubby lil’ lady playing counter-strike or something… Well, that’s not the case.

Last Monday I started an intensive-Deutsch-learning-course, which is like mentioned: quite intensive. The con is that I no longer can sleep in, like any night-owl like me loooves to do. However, the pro is that I’m learning A LOT in such a short time! I feel amazed how much I understand of the language already!

Of course, all of my days requires a large amount of positive mindset. However, as a realistic sarcastic asshole that I can be sometime, staying as an optimist is quite a lot of work for my brain.

To be able  to see past ALL of your wrongs and be like “AH yeah I got that wrong, sorry my bad! or “You were right, I was wrong again for the 400th time today! – that my friend, is quite hard when you always try to be on point – like me.

Well, at least I got my honesty going for me.. right? (Positive mindset be like, haha)

I wonder if that’s the reason why my late-evening-brain-damage-feeling occurs? Like feeling super exhausted although you’ve been sitting for 15 hours straight? And that you can’t process anything more for today and have to go to sleep early?

Well, I guess I can’t help it. I heard it’s part of growing up when you realize you don’t have that much time for anything else but your professional life… which doesn’t sound very delightful..

I think it’s better to say that I rather feel like a little newborn baby whom just woken up in an alien country with its alien language and its colourful and unique citizens; I open my eyes with curiosity and my will to learn increases as I take steps into this new glistening world!



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