Walking along my Creativity and Passion

I always loved to draw. Ever since I was a small and self-doubting little lady, I always adore drawed arts and I get so truly amazed by animation and anime overall. 

These artists can put tons of drawings/pictures in motion, and for someone who used a laptop for rendering an intro (me), it’s super advanced for someone who is an absolute beginner!

I think the time of me being bullied, like a big cold water on my head and a big push on my reset button on self, made me think I was terribly useless.

I can’t write, dance and definitely not drawing arts! Being creative? Pfftsss. Atleast that’s what I learned to think.

So I stopped entirely with everything I once loved as a kid. Yet I longed to draw or dance, and I’m writing right now so I’m definitely making progress!

Another huge progress is how much I learned to draw today! Simply by watching a lot of tutorials and iron some anatomy parts to my head, I actually feel proud of myself. 

The truth is, the truth that me, myself and I have to learn, is that I can draw. But as any artist I need practice, and practice is exactly what I’ve decided to do! 
I can’t wait to see how my drawings will turn out to be when I have every parts I need to make a beautiful picture of my imagination. I’m sure it will take time, but that’s the best part! That means when I feel finished, I must’ve already learned a lot!!

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