Help. We’re truly desperate.


A few post before this one I wrote about how people used their faith to trick my mother; once again it reoccurs in a way that brings my inner anger and frustration.

My mom is disabled you see, she’s paralysed in left arm and leg after a stroke she had a few years ago.

Now, this never ever happens in most of Europe, no one walks up to my mom to ask for extra cash in their hands because over here in Europe mom is like any citizen. I’m not talking bad about my native country, after all it’s where I took my firsts breath and my stumbling steps. But the poverty in parts of Thailand has targeted my family in a way that makes me frustrated.

Imagine you’re on vacation and because you’re a foreigner everything is more expensive. That’s right. There’s a FOREIGNER price on things. Sometimes, although I’m 100% Thai, when they see me with my fiancé, the new price is set on me too! Cheap vacation in the centre of Bangkok? There’s no such thing!

My mom decided to stay in Thailand after our month-long vacation because she found a massage therapist whom promised my mom that she will be able to walk and use her left arm again. Amazing right? This person could be our saint! For only 2500 euro, a cheap price to pay for such an amazing deal, we’ve saved up some money years before so it was no problem.

However, today mom told me that they went to pre-pay this little therapist lady and apparently this lady decided to increase the price to 6300 euro. It’s MORE than double of the primary price! Here’s the problem. Why did she increase it? Well, because she knows mom lives in Sweden, she have a husband and a home – as I have a fiancé and a home. Apparently we’re super rich to her so she denied the primary price and demanded a new one.

As a quite “middle-class” of this society today, there’s no fricking way my family can afford a 6300 euro therapy! Imagine paying 6300 euro to this poorly placed therapy in a random village in Thailand, by a woman who declares she wants to help ONLY if she gets more money than what we can afford!!

What is wrong with this world? What is wrong with people like her? Because we’re living a quite different life than theirs, doesn’t mean that we’re rich! Because of a skin color, we’re rich?! We save up years before we can go on vacation, every penny goes to living. I’m so frustrated because mom needs help, and people wants to demand of us more money than what we can afford!

Don’t get me wrong. I’d pay anything for mom. But to pay 6300 euro – money I won’t have in a month – to someone who claims to be professional by uploading progress on Facebook and doesn’t have a studio, but have her business at home. Sorry. Maybe if she showed more compassion to my mom, or maybe she could prove her words or put down on paper that mom will be better, then maybe. But this whole situation makes me terribly frustrated.

I wish I could speak Thai, be more confident and scream stop whenever people act more friendly around my mom only for the main reason that she can afford to be living with a wheelchair! They don’t see that our life isn’t easy, they know we need prayers and faith. They believe fully and truly that we have a lot of money – easy money for them to earn – because we’re truly desperate.

My love for my mother is indescribable. She gave me life, hope and a future. I want to give her as much as I can back. It hurts me to see that some people only aim to see their win of the deal and not that my mom gets stronger and healthier. It doesn’t matter, this is a rock on the road, we’ll continue fighting for her well-being, even if there’s people to trick us into lies, I will not stop until mom can walk with a healthy mindset and a heart to continue. We’ll get there mom, don’t worry.



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