There’s too much to tell, but here’s a brief summary

I’m finally back home in Austria. As it feels great to finally rest comfortably without the need of further travels, I can finally breathe out a little. We’ve travelled so much my legs got sore by constant sitting and waiting! But now as I’m home, to my dear apartment and my dear computer, I can easily try to get healthier and get myself back on track of reality again.

I have so much to write about and although I’ve notice I no longer write about my life in full detail, mainly because I personally find it tiring sometimes to go deep into my life and reflect over everything, I do wish to tell you more about my life. Because in every post so far, I’ve been trying to cover HUGE moments in my life in a few sentences. I have yet to cover more about my engagement, travels and my plans for the future.

I guess you as my reader will have to bear that I will only tell you things in a very wide view. But I do think it will be fine for your reading as it’s also easier for me to write – although it’s less for me to express.

Okay so.. I’m finally home in Austria, my new home. I’m still nervous around these safe areas because of my language barrier. Other than that, I seem to be needed at work, which makes me blush a little. I like the idea of being needed, who doesn’t? However, I worked a summer at an elderly home and I felt widely needed, I also worked as a facility caretaker and felt needed, but I think to feel needed for a workplace where I can use my creativity, where I can do something I really love to do, I finally feel useful and it feels great to know I can bring something to the table!

To top this post off,  it’s my 1 year ‘anniversary’ with my fiancé today! For exactly 1 year ago I was laying happily drunk on a bed on a cruise, cruising in the Baltic sea. Exposed my feelings and committed. With a bruise on my forehead, because of a sudden drunken blackout on the floor, my saviour took care of me for the first time as my lover, and surely my last. As we conquered the distance between us, as we’ve been through hell as well as heaven, the bliss he brings is indescribable. I know there will be many many more years where I can let him feel my love, as I embrace his love more than anything else.


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