How to get what you want cheap

I’m back in Bangkok and I’m staying in the Pinnacle Lumpinee Park Hotel! It’s a quite “cheap” hotel in comparison to the other hotels nearby which are all located in the most center of Bangkok. The more center – the more expensive!
In these areas there are many shopping malls with a huge variety of products. We’ve visited Bangkok’s infamous MBK center but also the Pratunam market and its shopping center.

If you ever do visit Bangkok, I highly recomend markets before any kind of shopping center! Mainly because the price of the exact same product differ in a quite large amount!

For example, a beautiful traditional tissue holder you can buy at a shopping mall for 300 Baht, while in the market it’s only 100 Baht!Of course, depending on the seller, you’ll get different prices.

If you want to play the business manipulative game, go into a shopping mall and pretend to want something, and almost leave not buying, and they’ll gladly lower the price for you – anything to get it sold. Yes, it’s a manipulative behaviour, but in a shopping center like MBK you are easily tricked to buy something that aren’t ment to be expensive!

Soon my love will come back from training at the Yokkao Muay Thai Gym and afterwards we’ll take off with a taxi to a hotell which my parents stays in. Later in the evening me, my love and my family will go to the Lumpinee Stadium and watch a night fight!

I love to see my baby happy and the way he finds inspirations in each kind of martial art is truly inspirational. I can’t wait to see my baby in the champion spotlight of the world!

Only a few more days until we’re on our way back to Sweden (and later Austria). Until then, I wish you a good day! Hugs!
(Picture of the Lumpinee Park)

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