How to get anyone’s attention

“I’ll be truly honest with you, my Reader, therefore this is a heads up for how sad this post will turn out to be. Bear with me, that I now feel this low about myself.

This is a perfect Facebook post, one that you’ll find yourself reading and if I catch your heart, you’ll tell me anything to cheer my little world up.

The truth is, I believe this is true to most people, that I just need your keen attention. I just want to be noticed when I’m in pain or in my own suffer. I want you to feel pity for me.

But another truth of this post is that, I don’t want to be the one who intentionally ask for your attention. Don’t want to be branded as an Attention Whore. It just feels good if you do notice.

People like you and me, asking for a confidence boost, by how many souls that took their time to care, for us to then forget about it, and urge for more.

One time I fell for one of those ‘pity me’ post on my Facebook wall and I took notice and I cared. So I wrote a heartfelt comment of how a stranger like me wants her to feel better.

I took time and effort to finish up the comment. I truly cared for this one stranger in my Facebook friendlist.

As it was the first time I cared for such a post it may as well be the last. Because the very same person decided to respond my effort with a stale click on the thumbs up button to give me a like.

I felt cheated. This woman actually never needed anyone to care as much as I did although she expressed herself in a suicidal position, my helping hand was hurtfully denied.

Reflecting over this makes me realize that if I truly wish to make myself feel better, without the human urge of my readers attention, I need to find my inner calm and happiness in my own mind, and not like this woman to only use people’s attention, believing she’s in need of peoples pitiness, to feel happy.

It sure feels great when someone cares, it’s amazing how another two eyes can notice my pain.

But pain is individual, and I shall find my own way to soothe it. Without urging my inner social media standard of life, a fairytale way of living, to take space in my mind.

When a tall strangers voice, talks about your beauty, worth and importance and their opinions matters more than your own, that should be your moment to realize that you need a serious change of mindset of how you value yourself.

Another truth of this post is; the main reason this post came to be was because I wanted to share my pain and suffer with you – but instead it became this self-reflecting post…

I hope you have found your way to value your own significant outside of the media rules of life, dear Reader, because this self-appreciation perspective of oneself is a non-social-media-praised goal.

Alike the majority, I have not yet reached the goal. However, I do believe if we let ourselves try our hardest to change our perspectives of how things are put for us, we can find ourselves in a new mindset of peace and surely we’ll find happiness with it.

All I wish for you is to find your own way to happiness. Thank you, truly, for your time reading. I wish you a great day.

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