Started from the bottom now I’m here

Hello world! Famous string line by programmers, but functions and stressful tasks can’t be found over here on my code-free vacation! Haha, what a weird and nerdy way to start this post.

I finally left the countryside into a luxurious hotel!  And with finally leaving I mean leaving the horrible storms and rain! My family and I planed to travel to Bangkok by car, but because of the harsh weather and the water occupying the streets, we hade to act on plan B: get to Bangkok by plane. From Bangkok we were picked up by a mini bus who took us all the way to Pattaya, a city close to the saltwater sea!

And here I am, in the picture, enjoying sea food with a cocktail by my side and the icon flower tucked in my right ear, glowing by the heat. And I shall not forget to mention the amazing company I have: my family and the love of my life.

I wish you a great weekend and beautiful weather!😊

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