From the harsh rain to the warm beach

My thoughts are louder than the rain pouring outside right now. Thailand is a beautiful country and a lot of richness during this raining season. I don’t know much about how many raining seasons they have but I’ve experienced the dryness of the heat without it.

At the moment everything is turned off by the electricity company for safety purposes because the rain is terribly harsh and massive. Most people would call it monsoon.

Tomorrow in the early morning my family and I will drive all the way from the south edge of the north all the way down to the sea to have some proper vacation with a lot of sun and swimming pools.

I should start taking out my camera to take more pictures of all my encounters, buy damn why am I so terribly lazy? Haha. I do have some pictures to put up in my gallery though, and I’ll share it all once I have a computer! 😊

Until then, have a good start of the weekend!


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