Why Holy places and tourists doesn’t combine

Heh. I figured out a way to get internet connection: buying one. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‚ I tend to forget how cheap it is here in Thailand because of different currency value. 3.8 Thai Baht is 1 Swedish crowns or 10 Cents. Which means 100 Euro or 1000 crowns times 3.8 is 3800 Baht!! 

To start of with, I’m in the village, staying in my old post-hut. In a previous post I told you how poor we were, but today we do have a better place to stay, with a working toilet and running water. However, the running water is not drinkable like many countries in Europe!

A lot of people came by our house to greet us, and for me it was very uncomfortable since I can’t talk to them. However, I invented a way to combine all my existing thai words and a lot of body language to try to explain things whenever needed. Working alright so far๐Ÿ˜Š

Yesterday we were at a holy place and it was way more crowded than usual! Apparently it turned into a great attraction for tourists. Although, for a holy place, my love and I discussed that, there are still very questionable actions of the beleif of the people here.

For example, we were terribly much targeted with salesmen, using my moms disability to make us buy:

“Think about your mother, buy this to save some of the holy water to bring with you home and make her feel better”

“These lights really work better than any other! Many great things has been answered!”

“Prayers will be fulfilled with these lights, it will easier make your prayers heard. Please buy.”

Since the place was holy everyone had to go inside barefoot, but there were a lot of people walking around with mobilephones and selfiesticks, which, atleast for us, might also be a bit disrespectful?

Another thing is that a lot of the things buyable at the place is some kind of lottery tickets. I don’t know myself how they work, but it’s a way for commoners to try to earn “free” money by buying different kind of numbers. These numbers can, according to belief, be seen at the holy place on the old great trees. Which mean a great opportonuty for these salesmen to sell. 

But we wonder how this can fit as a good thing of belief? Does these people decide their life choices merely by prayers and faith in numbers? And why is it common to target costumers by their prayers? Isn’t Buddah’s belief finding inner peace by not being greedy?

It’s easy to assume people’s lifes. But we have to remember that every life is greatly different! Maybe the prayers are really needed for strength to continue on or maybe for better weather for the crops on each farms?

Either way, although we have to learn to live individually, we should all count our blessings because walking in other people’s shoes is a task we could never imagine to do ๐Ÿ‘ฃ

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