How to survive without internet connection for a week?

This is sooooo stupidily sad. I won’t have internet connection for a week and it feels like the whole world is ending?! What has life become?!

This makes me despise myself a little. But at the same time I also feel like I have thousands of excuses why the world might be ending!! I woke up at 7 AM and we landed at 11 PM but heeeereee alll the way to this +5 hours time zone from my main time zone, it’s in the early frickin morning!!

I’m sorry for a very screamy post. It’s just really sad that the stress, no sleep and a bit of food can make a person exhausted and super grumpy… I’m more than guilty.

The sad thing is that I won’t be able to update my blog for the whole week, but I’ll make sure to make a huge update once I’m in the capital of Thailand again!

Right at this moment I’m waiting for a flight to get to my village. And grumpy me needs to try to feel less angry and grumpy over little things, since I should be happy on my own vacation – that makes writing a perfect tool. It’s so damn easy for me to express myself through writing. Thank god it exist! Grumpy me feels much better already.😆

As I have to take a hobo nap on a hobo bench on a hobo place on the airport, I now wish you, from my grumpy side, a great week! I hope you get as much warmth as I’ll get! That might’ve sounded a bit ironic.. I’m sorry//grumpySasie.. but I do really mean it, I hope you get an awesome week. 😊 Hear from y’all soon!

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