As I travel to my Tropical past into my Dreamy future

Today I’ll be on my way to my native country Thailand! I’ll see my cousins again and get to spend time with everyone in my family. I wish I could speak Thai with them, but I bet a little bit of the language will automatically return to me once I get used to it! 

This is my last minute update to let you know that I’ll be spending hours and hours traveling just to get to my native village. Approximetally 14 hour of travel!

I don’t mind though, I’m a person who like the idea of travels. You know, the feeling of getting away from reality for a bit and into a perfectly imagined dream cloud? That’s exactly why, to always be on the move, makes one feel a bit more relaxed and make one forget about reality and its rainy days for a while.

Although, I’m more of a person who now enjoys the moment more than capturing it. I hope I’ll have a lot of picture to upload to my gallery when I’m home! 

The last few days have been very exhausting. That’s why I didn’t find time to write or time to take pictures of my village as I stated I would do in the latest post. 😔

However, I’ll be back in Sweden after the vacation before returning to Austria, I’ll make sure to make time for a tour around this village then! 

Thank you for visiting, I wish you a great weekend! 😊

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