How being eaten feels like

Have you ever felt like you’re the least creative person you know? Ever picked up your empty word document on your laptop or your pen is steadily hovering over your notebook?

Well, for starters, from a personal and very recently experience: Don’t try to blog when you’re outside in the forest!

How did I end up here with the thousands of the wonderful bloodsuckers you ask? Well, it’s to visit an outside gym! You may think I’m a very dedicated person who try to gym.. but remember.. you’re reading my blogpost, so the chance I’m trying to get healthy in these circumstances is close to none!!

I even bought a bottle of mosquito posion to spray on me. But don’t underestimate anything that’s starving!

I can’t believe my writers-block for today is about my encounter with mosquitos. Haha.

Well thanks for reading this tiny post. And sorry for no pictures, I haven’t had the time to beautify my posts because I don’t have access to a computer yet. Either way! Have a great evening and remember to not get eaten by these darn mosquitos! msp_1611_1896

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