Dear Sweden, you need to learn to share

cherry blossom ballooningDear Sweden, here I am again. But this time around I feel like a visitor, since I don’t plan to stay. I can tell by your cold breeze and your quiet, that you’ve stayed the same and with your sunset close to your sunrise, you’ve pobably impacted every Swedish person trying to stay awake late at night – been there done that, haha.

Sweden, thanks for welcoming us with your delicious burgers from your dear MAX. A lot of people still wonder why MAX isn’t set out in other countries? No need to be too proud you know, you need to share its great taste and the love for burgers!

I’m temporarly settled down in the village. You know the one with similiar houses, a few open green fields and the depth of the surrounding forest? Ah, I almost forgot, that’s pretty much every Swedish village.

However, this village have its signifance: Once Upon a Time we reigned with the produce of iron – a valuable trade to richness. Maybe that’s why it also have a huge Victorian Mansion, with its huge garden and its distant and blurry history.

Sweden, as most of your commoners, your people as you will, we all celebrate events like Midsummer and the celebration of summer at the end of April, the end of spring. But you know that my village has its own traditions. Even we wants to be unique and special like you as a whole dear Sweden.

I should definitely mention that we have second Halloween event called Knut. The difference is that its dated in January – and it’s one of the coldest days during winter. I can almost say it’s a fact because I don’t recall one of those days as “pleasantly cold”. Another event is (almost-directly-translated) Fire-Festival where there are famous Swedish artists who perform in the evening to put joy in people’s heart as they most possibly get soaked in rain. A few moments later the event continues with a few people putting on a show in the cold water of Sweden to then end the event with beautiful fireworks.

Honestly Sweden, most of the events you have – I believe their existence is merely for the allowance for Swedish people to get seriously drunk every now and then.

I should take a walk on your beautiful and take a few pictures of my small little village to share with my dear readers. I don’t mind your cold breezes, I’ll soon visit Thailand and will then forget the heavy rain of yours.. unless Thailand has the same heavy rain but warmer because of raining season. 😅

However, dear Sweden. I will always and forever call you my home. You keep my family happy with your beautiful and I will always return.

I promise.

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