@!#% I missed my flight to Sweden!

Damn it. I missed my flight to Sweden. 😔Unfortunately.. It doesn’t matter if you have everything planned out. Your safety to get onto the flight is the boarding services responsibility. As our tram, subway and train was late we still managed to hurry to security check. There we got extra checked for bombs because we accidently had a bottle of shampoo in the handbag. 

However, as we passed the bomb test, we met the counter, to speak with the boarding service lady, we were told they already started the engine – 10 minutes before departure time. 

As she told us to leave for the service center to buy new tickets. She called down to the luggage management to get our luggage off the plane. As she then continues to tell us it’s too late. How unfortunate.

In summary, we were late by transport and security checks, but manage to be there before departure time. Yet, we weren’t allowed to board the plane. How unlucky can we be on this sunny day?

Done is done. We bought new tickets and plan to arrive in Sweden close to midnight with the hopes of safe arrival and that the luggage is safely transported from plane to plane because our second ticket requires that we do a switch of planes in Germany.

This is not the worst thing that happened to me when it comes to airplanes and airports though. The worst one was when I got stuck ALONE in the airport of Thailand. I wasn’t allowed to leave the airport because I didn’t know the home address I was going to, damn me who didn’t learn my native language! 

It was stressful and I panicked and I tried to call with my phone to my mom who were already home in our village. But it didn’t work because my phone couldn’t call in another country! 

However, the man behind the passing counter was nice to me and trusted me with his phone so I could call my mom and I could happily leave the airport with my cousin. 

Vacations are stressful. Planes and travels overall have its stressful downfalls. As many have yet to learn, vacations are stressful. In truth, vacations are a getaway and no matter the stress, we forget about it quicker because we believe we are having the best time of our lives.

It doesn’t matter that I missed the damn flight – as I’ve forgotten about it – thanks too the hopes and dreams of getaways! Even if we missed the plane, even if we had to buy a second ticket, we are on our way! And we’ll enjoy every bits of it, even the damned ones aswell! It’s all about the mindset in the end right? Although you know this day was horribly shitty.

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