Can 4 barbecue occasions every Month be too much?

At the moment, I’m having a “gathering” of my love’s friends. We’ve been having barbecues every week every since I moved here.. which is a lot of fun but also a lot of cooking from my part, so a few weeks ago I decided I’m not a mom nor a housekeeper so these boys better take care of themselves! 

I love my own cooking, who doesn’t like their own cooking? However, I usually hate cooking for other people. It makes me a bit happy to know that some people appreciate my food though, I always feel so honoured since I have a bit of self-doubt when it comes to my food… or I just don’t want to share. 😂

Tomorrow I’ll be on my way home to Sweden. Funny how I have three countries I’ll call my home. In the future I might add four though, we’ve planned to move to Canada in the future, for MMA purposes. My love is a fighter you see. His huge passion for this challenging sport, is one of the main things I truly fell for. At the moment, I’m more than happy and proud to say that he won Austrias Championship in a 7 men tournament.

I can’t wait to see my family again. My mom, dad and my brother is awaiting our arrival. I miss them everyday, but I’m happy tp know that even if I live countries away, here in Austria I’ll be able to provide them by working and studying hard and passionately.

I can’t wait to see their happy faces and spend a lot of valuable time with them in Thailand. It will be just like old times, but better.😊

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