The whole story of why I left the comforts of Sweden, the story of how I met the one

Do you believe in fate? Do you believe that everything is planned beforehand? Do you believe that no matter what you do, fate was already written in your story? If no – I’d say straightforwardly: me neither. However, I’ve experienced so many things that is weirdly connected, I bet you have too. I guess I do believe in fate – if fate defines as something that happens as a consequence. However, I don’t believe in fate which defines as “it was always meant to be this way“. In brief summary, I do not believe I ended up here because of fate.


Last summer, a happy couple got married. Families gathered including me and my family. At the ceremony, I met an old friend of mine, one of the people I truly believe is my friend. However, this friend moved all the way to Germany and only came to Sweden to visit because of the wedding. After my friend left, we decided to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive together. Me, my friend and another old friend of mine queued competitive games together. Brief fact about the game, you play 5 vs 5, which means I played with my friends and two other random people in Europe. One drunken night – one of those two people, was my love. A person who lives in Austria. Funny thing about fate, he was queuing with his friend, making us a perfect team of five people altogether.

After discussing it with a few friendly co-workers, and had an amazing day with an amazing person, one of my best friends; I finally could decide to meet this person from Austria. There were a lot of doubt. I won’t lie. I really really didn’t wanted to fall in love. I don’t want to be in love with a person living countries away from me. I’ve been in long distance relationship before, and I got cheated on multiple times, it was not pleasant to say the least. I’m not making this up, the distance thing really freaked me out a lot.


But then I met him. He visited me in Sweden. And we had the most amazing first week together. And I really hated it. Damn how I was trying hard not to fall. I even told him multiple times how much I hated him, only to let him know that it’s my way of saying I love you… but I don’t want to.

After the week ended, we decided to stay together, start our relationship. It was hard. The distance thing was hard. We fought a lot. I even thought of us as an end. We talked everyday, yet I spend more time finding happiness somewhere else. I even told him I was falling in love with someone else – it was my great cry for help. However, we held on until we met again. This time I visited him in Austria. Still fighting. But I recalled from my past relationship that, me and that person didn’t work out, because none of us wanted to talk, we never tried to figure things out. Therefore, from another pain of my past to my present relationship, I suggested, that we should just sit down and talk. And it hurt. For sure it hurt. It was unpleasant and it was hard to speak your mind to this person you want to be with.. this person you want to commit to.


But we did it. After passing the point of being able to open up our communication, everything was easier. However, we’re still like any other couple, we fight and we get upset. But this time forward, we’ve learned that we both want to figure things out. That’s how our relationship work. That’s why we’re working. Every month, after the week I visited, we saw each other. The ticket’s back and forth weren’t pleasant to pay, but thankfully his parents are incredibly successful, so we could loan some money. The times we were a part we made sure to talk a lot, and to be open with anything that we had at heart. We also found games to play together so we could spend a lot more time with each other!

I was in the right place, at the right time, spending time with something I love with the people I like, with a glass of wine in my corner. That’s how I met him. He was in the right place, at the right time, made the right choices in the past, fixed the relationship with his friend [whom he queued with] decided to stay home instead of going to a home party. That’s how he met me.


I could take this fate things so far as that if I didn’t get seriously dumped, so my sanity went totally crazy, I would’ve never met the love of my life. I never thought of ever loving someone so truly again. And I find it funny how many things had to happen for me to end up in that chair, in my little brothers room, playing on his PC, with a friend that I re-met at a wedding someone decided to arrange!

I still remember how much I was against the thought of falling in love with someone in another country. There’s no frickin way it works, I truly believed that. I believed it so much, I told my friend who before me got in a relationship with someone from her native country, and I told her, you guys will break up, it won’t work out, it never works out. Back then I was freshly dumped, it doesn’t really matter because I was seriously a huge asshole of a friend. They’re still together today, and I’m happy she stood by him instead of listening to my dumped ass.


I don’t believe fate brought me here. I believe that I was just in a perfect timing, meeting the perfect person for me. I did something I love, and love came to me when I least asked for it, when I least wanted it. Although I was learning to be grateful for what I have back then, I realise being grateful leaves even more happy consequences, I just happened to get a huge gift.

It’s all about mindset. It’s not what kind of sad picture your life looks like. It’s how you look at it that matters. And I looked at it, I liked it, and realize, I like it even more. And now my life is set to be in a whole another beautiful country. And I believe this won’t be the last consequence of a good mindset, an open heart and the love of my life by my side. 🙂



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