Truth’s hurts, I learned how to live with some of it


Let me tell you a little bit about my present life since I believe I’ve covered a few of my past already. I moved very recently to Austria, from Sweden, the birthplace of famous classic musicians like the infamous Mozart. How did I end up here? One word: love. Cheesy, right? But you have to imagine how incredible this person have to be to make me move to a new country; I have to leave the comfort of speaking the same language as my neighbours and putting myself out of my comfort zone in addition. I have to live with not seeing my family everyday and the few friends I have, even less.

My latest posts have been about me feeling lonely, probably not seeing the usual faces could cover the reasons why. Although I miss them, I’m all about the present. I believe looking back at the past is to be stuck. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what happened to me in my past, I’m grateful for today, and therefore anything that happened, I’m grateful for it, I don’t regret it. Yes the hard truth, even that my Grandma is not with us, or that my mom had a stroke, no regrets of what I could’ve done,  I believe I would’ve never end up where I am today without the truth of my past. No matter what, I’m grateful, even for the fucking damn worst. Regrets will not be a part of my life; I won’t be stuck in my past. It’s now, not then.

Next week on early Monday, I’ll be on my way home to Sweden, to visit but to also catch the flight to Thailand.  I can’t wait to see a part of my native culture. The food is amazing, I’m so happy my taste buds comes from there. Funny thing, I actually didn’t like spicy food before I moved to Sweden. My conclusion became when I realise how poor the taste of Swedish food was. That’s when the urge for exotic food became! After that, I love the Thai cuisine.

Talking about me and how origin from Thailand: I lost the ability to speak the language of my native country. Although I was 6-7 years old, I lost my way of Thai traditions.  I believe, although the food, I fell in love with the Swedish culture and the language. At the time, mom was studying full time and barely spoke Thai to me, as well as the only Thai friend I had at the time moved away. That might also add to the reason why I lost the ability to speak Thai. However, I am able to hear most of the Thai conversations, the harder ones are those where there’s a word I’ve never heard of, words that’s was learned after kindergarten – after I left for Sweden – or modern new words.

Right now I feel like playing a few PC games, leaving for Thailand and Sweden is great, the only major con is that I won’t be able to play games. Nerd alert xD. Hey, if you as a reader feel like gaming with me let me know! Any Co-op or multiplayer game, even if I don’t have it, I’ll try to figure something out! I hope you’ll have a great weekend. 🙂



  1. daysixtyfive says:

    Congratulations on the move, I know it isn’t easy but it definitely gets better after time. Time heals everything. I admire that you have followed your heart, there is no other way to live. I hope it brings you much happiness x

    • Sasie says:

      Thank you! It was pretty rough at first and I definitely still feel both excitement and horrified. I’m sure my happiness is where I make it to be, and it’s here where I ended up. ♡ hugs

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