Main reason why family gatherings get cancelled

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After waking up from a well-slept night my baby brewed coffee just the way I liked it and my day began. Today we have plans to spend time with his family and we all together decided to go for a lunch-buffé and finish the day of with spending time in a beautiful lake in private-hired boats.

My love has 3 brothers, accounting a group meeting of 9 people including me, a huge but wonderful family. Ha. I write this post so weird and in such a narrating way. Right at this moment I’m in the car on our way home because the boat trip got cancelled since the weather got heavy and the rain is pouring harshly. I love rainy days, especially when I can stay home. Rain makes me calm and there’s this cosy atmosphere, the feeling of happiness when you know that you have somewhere to go during a rainy day.

This morning I started to re-design my website with an existing them. My webpage or my blog is starting to look more appetizing for the eyes as well as my own personal feeling: it starts to feel more like home. This is my blog, my webpage, a part of my shoe.

I have so much to tell you I don’t know where to begin. I can’t wait to be home and write on my blog and share with you some of the most extraordinary things I’ve been through or seen.

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